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You want to maintain and improve the quality of your collected data, so that you create reliable insights. In addition, you want to break through data silos and optimize data integration, so that all your applications continue to move with the growing number of users. Discover how SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Solutions offers these challenges by offering a uniform platform and how Acorel ensures a carefree implementation of this solution.

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The options with SAP BTP

The SAP Business Technology Platform is your key to effortless integration of extensions and applications into your existing ERP and Cloud systems, making business processes even more efficient and smarter. It automates processes, simplifies workflows and offers you the opportunity to build apps and interfaces on this platform yourself. In short: it enables you to develop exactly what your organization needs in the IT area.

SAP BTP offers a wide range of solutions:

  • Data and Database Management
  • Application development
  • Integration
  • Analytics
  • Machine learning
  • IoT Service
  • Chatbot
  • Robotic Process
  • Automation

What is the SAP Business Technology platform?

SAP BTP is a cloud platform in which SAP offers different services via Credits or via a license. Almost every conceivable innovation can be realized using SAP BTP. Your IT landscape, the digital core of your organization, leaves SAP BTP undisturbed. This ensures that the core of your IT landscape, where all standard business processes are processed and data is stored, remains ‘clean’. It is the foundation of your organization. By keeping this foundation clean, your system retains optimum performance and you can respond more easily to changes and wishes of colleagues and customers. Use of use and speed are paramount.

The benefits of SAP BTP

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers valuable benefits for your organization. Firstly, it enables the establishment of complex integrations between your systems, ensuring seamless collaboration and data exchange. Additionally, SAP BTP empowers you to expand your system landscape with innovative apps, artificial intelligence, automation, and extensions. This capability allows you to enhance and rejuvenate your business processes using advanced technologies. An additional advantage is the ability to adapt your business processes without the need for extensive maintenance, promoting flexibility and efficiency within your organization.

Integrate without obstacles

In the past, system integration was a complex operation. The SAP Business Technology Platform now makes integration a lot easier. Develop apps, automate processes and design business sites with the simplicity of drag-and-drop. This makes it easy to realize a seamless integration of your entire system landscape. And we help you with the first steps. We are the partner who helps you step by step to discover your route to a better customer experience. We help you to translate your needs into innovation and improvement.

Get optimum value from your data

With SAP BTP you translate data into analyzes that offer real added value. BTP is the place where you bring together various data flows from SAP and other sources. The business context of all data is retained, including all metadata. Because of the rich data you work with, you can create more advanced insights, schedules, predictions and scenarios without great effort. You can then effortlessly return this to other SAP applications. In this way you stimulate substantiated decisions at the right time, and everyone in your organization can trust reliable data.


The power of data, integrated data! How Shimano realizes 97% cost avoidance.

Do you want to get even more inspired by this case? Check out our podcast with SAP Business Innovation and our client Shimano, and listen to Ana Tosi (Shimano), Guido Koopmann (Acorel), and Igor Mitrovic (Acorel) discussing how you can enhance customer experience by integrating data to address a common question like “When is this available?”


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Shimano has recently adopted the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). With this, they have secured a future-proof ordering platform for their customers, with the capability to globally expand the technology behind it.

Why Acorel

At Acorel, we put improved customer experience within reach. Experience that aligns closely with the needs of both your organisation and your customers.

We are experts in the area of SAP Customer Experience. We provide the software and take care of its implementation. We also support you in the translation of your strategy into operations. And we encourage optimal use of the implemented software.

We do all of this with a team of dedicated professionals. Professionals with differing sets of expertise and knowledge of the challenges in your sector. Professionals who inspire you to look further than just the beaten path. In order to deliver exactly what you need to achieve the desired result. Or even to exceed this.

What motivates us? Making organisations demonstrably more successful. Every single day.

We let organizations excel in customer experience


Offer your customer a personalized experience and improve your online sales of any business model with e-commerce.


Really get to know your customer and use the power of real-time insights to effectively convert leads and sales opportunities.


Drive conversions, order frequency and order value through the power of personalized omni-channel campaigns.

Customer Data

Provide your customers a unique and personalized experience across all channels during the entire customer journey.

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