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Accelerators and add-ons to help you work more quickly, efficiently and intelligently with SAP Customer Experience

Want to get started quickly with SAP Customer Experience solutions?

Are you searching for solutions that both increase your users’ working pleasure and optimize your customer experience?
Then choose Acorel. We are the premier specialised SAP Customer Experience Gold Partner in the Netherlands. With the various SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solutions, you can start within 1.5 to 4 months. Also discover the CX add-ons from Acorel.

Commerce Wholesale Accelerator

With SAP Commerce Cloud, you can become a true omni-channel partner for your customers and offer a personalized experience on all channels. Start within 16 weeks!


B2B Marketing Accelerator

Improve your conversions in 6 to 16 weeks by sending personalized, omni-channel campaigns to your customer with SAP Emarsys. Multiple add-ons available on top of the foundation.


Sales Accelerator

Ensure that your sales teams sell the right offering at the right moment to your customers using SAP Sales Cloud within 6, 10 or 14 weeks. Obtain a 360 degree view on your customers.


Field Service Accelerator

Work on your 9+ customer experience within 8 or 12 weeks with SAP Field Service Management. Take the next step digitalizing your field service processes. 


Acorel Document Service

Add-on for SAP Cloud for Customer to easily generate or change the templates and documents you use each day. Create documents in MS Word in just seconds. 


Conversational AI 'Ask Jeeves'

Add-on for SAP Cloud for Customer for recording your customer information easily and accessibly via voice. CRM will always be up-to-date!


360° Account Dashboard

Add-on for SAP Cloud for Customer for a single complete overview with relevant customer information. Created on the existing SAP Cloud for Customer platform.


Marketing Maturity Scan

Ready for a next step in marketing? You will find the Acorel Marketing Maturity Scan here. Gain immediate insight into your short-term and long-term marketing opportunities.

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Digital Matury Scan

Ready for a next step in customer experience at your organisation? Take a step that fits with your current situation, a step that helps you in your digital transformation. Where are you now?

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