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Make sure that integrations are not a bottle neck for doing business!

Add-on for the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to easily monitor all integration flows and reprocess messages yourself.


The standard available monitoring capabilities are not sufficient (e.g. it misses alerting and good filtering options) and it always requires IT involvement.

For whom?

For organizations leveraging SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI) and want to have a user-friendly monitoring tool that alerts pro-actively and has the possibility to reprocess messages without the need of IT.


Add-on for the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to easily monitor all integration flows and reprocess messages yourself.

Monitor and reprocess integration messages yourself with the Acorel Monitoring Toolkit for SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI)

As a business user it is important that data that is fed (=integrated) into your applications is complete and correct, e.g. product information that comes from a third party.But when it is not complete or correct, you do not want to find out days later. You want to know now, because you need to act now! In case of incorrect product data it could mean that a product is not displayed correctly or at all on your webshop.

The Acorel Monitoring Toolkit enables organizations to be pro-actively alerted in case of integration errors and more important it enables business users to solve that easy and intuitively, without the need of IT involvement.

Complete, pro-active and efficient

Many organizations that are using SAP CPI integrations experience a couple of challenges or even problems with the standard available SAP CPI monitoring capabilities. The Acorel Monitoring Toolkit is here for the rescue, the main challenges and how we solve them.

 Standard SAP CPIAcorel Monitoring Toolkit
Message content (payloads)Are not available by default. You cannot check what is wrong within a message, it only states that it has failed and the reason but you cannot check the complete message itself.Acorel Monitoring Toolkit Are available by default. As we are recording and storing all messages and all of its content, you are able to check exactly what is wrong.
Error alertingNo standard error alerting functionality in place. A business users does not know when a message is processed incorrectly or not processed at all (with all negative effects).The Acorel Monitoring Toolkit has standard error alerting functionality in place, so you are pro-actively informed when something is wrong.
Re-processing of a message in errorRe-processing of a message in error is not possible
Nor IT nor the business user can reprocess a message, so the source of that message always needs to be contacted and they need to complete, clear and resend the message (takes a lot of time and effort).
From within the Acorel Monitoring Toolkit a business user can clear up and resend a message itself. Which is a giant time-saver.
Knowledge and capabilities of business usersIt is too technical for business users. Without the support of the IT department a business user cannot leverage (Fuse) the standard monitoring functionality.The Acorel Monitoring Toolkit is developed in such a way that it is user-friendly and intuitive to the extent that a business user can leverage from it. 
Finding errorsProblem solving is extremely time consuming due to the lack of filtering and search possibilities. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.We have added the most common and expected filtering and search options, so that problem solving can be done quick and easy.
Complete – The Acorel Monitoring Toolkit gives a complete view on all integrations, messages and all of its content
Pro-active – With the Acorel Monitoring Toolkit you will be able to go back to business quickly due to the pro-active alerting capabilities
Efficient – The user-friendliness, intuitiveness, search and filtering possibilities of the Acorel Monitoring Toolkit makes it a great tool to work with for business users (without any IT involvement


The Acorel Monitoring Toolkit is developed on the existing SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) on which the SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI) service is running.

  • A great toolkit for business users to easily monitor all integration flows and reprocess messages themself.
  • The solution is being developed continuously so that it will grow with your future needs and requirements
  • Our support desk can assist you in case of questions and/or change request

Relevant SAP licenses need to be available.


The implementation, that can be done in as quick as 10 business days, is provided by Acorel on-site or remote and consist out of the following activities:

  • Implementing the Acorel Monitoring Toolkit
  • Setup CPI flows to be Acorel Monitoring Toolkit enabled (20 flows included)
  • Train Developers – How to enable future CPI flows (session of 8 hours for max 8 persons)
  • Train Super User / Maintaining monitoring Parameters (session of 4 hours for max 1 person)
  • Train Business and Functional Users on how to use it per group (session of 4 hours for max 8 people

What can you expect from Acorel?

Acorel developed the Acorel Monitoring Toolkit on the basis of knowledge and experience with SAP Business Technology Platform and after a study among customers. Acorel Monitoring Toolkit is easy to use and was developed on the existing SAP Business Technology Platform. It will be periodically maintained.

Why Acorel?

At Acorel, we put improved customer experience within reach. Experience that aligns closely with the needs of both your organisation and your customers.

We are experts in the area of SAP Customer Experience. We provide the software and take care of its implementation. We also support you in the translation of your strategy into operations. And we encourage optimal use of the implemented software.

We do all of this with a team of dedicated professionals. Professionals with differing sets of expertise and knowledge of the challenges in your sector. Professionals who inspire you to look further than just the beaten path. In order to deliver exactly what you need to achieve the desired result. Or even to exceed this.

What motivates us? Making organisations demonstrably more successful. Every single day.