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How sustainable is your company?

Determine where you stand with the Sustainability Scan


A scan to gain immediate insight into the current status of sustainability within your organization.

For whom?

For e-commerce professionals in any company who have an affinity for the theme of sustainability.


A scan that takes an average of 10 minutes, after which you will receive a personalized report.

About the Sustainability Scan

When we talk about ‘trending topics,’ sustainability in 2023 is a term that can no longer be ignored. In addition to technology-related subjects such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, sustainability is increasingly coming to the forefront. Furthermore, this topic has an impact on virtually all sectors, from industry to manufacturing and from services to retail.

Despite the versatile relevance of sustainability, it can often be challenging to fully grasp and maintain. What exactly does sustainability entail? Where do you start, and how do you know when you’re doing enough? Which areas offer quickly measurable results, and where does it require greater commitment? For this purpose, we have developed a model!

The sustainability model has been created thanks to the efforts of the ‘Sustainability in B2B Commerce’ expert group of Shopping Tomorrow. We offer a practical approach to gaining insight, and we share examples of ways to take both initial and follow-up steps. This applies broadly but is certainly applicable to the commercial sector as well.

Do the sustainability scan

Discover where your organization stands in terms of sustainability by carrying out our scan. This scan is based on the sustainability model developed by the expert group. This provides you with insights into the maturity level of your organization within one of the six pillars and where there are potential opportunities for improvement. The scan takes approximately 10 minutes.

After answering the questions, we will send you a personalized report by email as soon as possible. This report offers you insight into the maturity of your organization in the field of sustainability, and on which pillar you can take steps to grow further.

Why Acorel?

At Acorel, we put improved customer experience within reach. Experience that aligns closely with the needs of both your organisation and your customers.

We are experts in the area of SAP Customer Experience. We provide the software and take care of its implementation. We also support you in the translation of your strategy into operations. And we encourage optimal use of the implemented software.

We do all of this with a team of dedicated professionals. Professionals with differing sets of expertise and knowledge of the challenges in your sector. Professionals who inspire you to look further than just the beaten path. In order to deliver exactly what you need to achieve the desired result. Or even to exceed this.

What motivates us? Making organisations demonstrably more successful. Every single day.