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SAP Hybris Commerce Promotion Engine

Wendy Stapper, 04 januari 2018

Usage of Promotion Containers and Promotion Groups

The SAP Hybris Promotion Engine is an easy to use business tool to create and publish different kind of promotions. The right promotion offered to the right customer at the right time can boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

In this blog I will explain how you can use the out-of-the-box promotion templates to create your own promotion rule quickly and easily.  I will show how to use ‘containers’ and ‘groups’ in your promotion rule to make sure the promotion is applied under the right conditions. In my example the customer has to buy specific products and has to belong to a specific customer group to be eligible for a product absolute value discount on specific products.

SAP Hybris Commerce 6.3 offers about 20 out-of-the-box promotion templates that can form the basis to create your own promotion.


Examples of the promotion templates are ‘Order threshold percentage discount on cart’ where a percentage discount is applied to the cart when the order threshold value is reached or ‘Product perfect partner fixed price’ where you buy a product from a defined set and get partner products for fixed price. The complete list of promotion templates can be found here: Promotion Templates

To check the promotion templates in your system go to the Hybris Backoffice – Marketing section:

Once you have identified the promotion template that has most similarities with the promotion you want to create, select that promotion template and click the button ‘Create a rule using this template’:

Hybris has now created a promotion rule for you based on the selected hybris template. From here you can customize the promotion rule to your needs. On the Rule Properties page enter a meaningfull name and description for internal use, assign the correct website and validity period and add a message that will be shown to the customer on the website if the promotion is applied. In my example I have created a promotion rule based on the promotion template ‘Product perfect partner fixed price.’

On the ‘Conditions & Actions’ page you can make use of containers to customize the promotion rule to your needs. In my example I have created 3 containers for the condition part of the promotion:

As part of the first container I have created a group which gives the option to select a ‘Group operator’ OR or AND. This is very usefull in the situation the customer has to buy any product from a first list of qualifying products AND any product from a second list of qualifying products.

The second container contains the target products to which the promotion is applied. In my example these are the same products as the qualifying products but this can be different products in case you want to motivate customers to buy product X via a discount on product Y.

The third container holds the target customers. In my example the customer has to belong to a specific cutomer group. This customer group is assigned to the customer in the customer master data in hybris backoffice.

For the action part of the promotion I have specified an absolute discount value of 10 USD to be applied to a piece of the target products in case the customer buys a piece of the qualifying products.

After saving your promotion rule make sure to publish it.

The results of your promotion rule can be validated in hybris backoffice in the order on the Promotion engine results page:

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