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The added value of conversational UI

Robbert van der Ploeg, 25 april 2018

Voice becomes the new UI!

Gartner indicates that 30% of our interactions with technology will be through “conversations”. According to Search Engine Watch, in 2016 we used the Google voice search 35 times as often as in 2008. 98% of iPhone users have used Siri and Amazon sold 4.4 million Echo voice-controlled speakers in the first year of sales. Google has followed with the Google Home and this year Apple has introduced the Homepod. And, I operate my navigation system in the car through voice.

Your field employee keeps your CRM system up-to-date on the go

Wouldn’t it be nice if your field sales and service employees keep track of all data from your CRM system along the way. Your field staff is well prepared for every visit, can record all the information in your CRM system immediately after each visit still fresh in memory, and has more real sales time left because less time is needed to keep the CRM system up-to-date.

It’s possible!

Acorel has created an app on iOS that allows your field sales and service staff to use your SAP Cloud for Customer system through voice.
Our knowledge and experience with SAP and with the voice capabilities of Amazon, Apple and Google enabled us to design and develop a conversational UI.

The added value of a conversational UI

Voice is faster
The average person types 40 words per minute but speaks 150 words in the same time.

Voice saves time
You can use your business application while you are busy doing something else such as driving a car. No dedicated administrative time is needed afterwards.

Voice is easier
The business application is used without a keyboard or mouse. Hands-free usage allows you to continue doing what you are doing. Moreover, no menu navigation is required!

Voice is cool
At least for the time being, because the use of voice interaction is not yet common. Wouldn’t it be great to talk to and to be understood by your business application!

Voice increases user acceptance
Because voice is faster, saves time, is simple and cool, the user acceptance of your business application is increased. This leads to a better use, a more up-to-date system and ultimately to a better ROI.

Voice offers endless possibilities …

You have seen our example app for the field sales employee. But, voice offers endless possibilities. When do you want to interact hands-free while you continue doing what you need to do?

For example, think of:

If you want to know more about our experience with voice, or the Acorel voice app for SAP Cloud for Customer, please contact Robbert van der Ploeg,

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