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Archiving transactions in SAP CRM

Jeroen Zuijderwijk
Archiving transactions in SAP CRM, AcorelSo you’ve filled your SAP CRM system with data and now GDPR requires you to start archiving that data. However, you have no idea how to archive data from your system. This blog gives you a little more insight into this subject.
First of all, you need to identify the data you want to archive. In case of GDPR you for example want to archive business partners. In order to do so, these business partners can no longer be a partner in any business transaction or iBase in your system. Archiving your business partners therefore requires you to archive these objects as well. In this blog the archiving process for business transactions is discussed. For ibases and business partners a similar procedure needs to be followed.

Archiving basics:

The SAP archiving process consists of 3 steps. First the data that needs archiving is (pre) selected, then the data is written to an archive file and finally the data is deleted from the database.

Jeroen Zuijderwijk