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Digital Business Transformation – The new Reality

Taco Schallenberg

Three years ago, I was interviewed by an international company about the future of Digital Business Transformation. The main question was “is this a new consultancy hype or should we take it more seriously?”.


Since that moment, there has not been a single month without new digital initiatives from companies within but also outside their traditional markets.

We all know the example of UBER, but what about Shell moving aggressively to alternative wind/sun based energy. Can you imaging what the impact for traditional energy companies will be? And what about Philip Morris moving to an alternative for cigarettes and Total starting a joint venture to move from oil based plastics to Bioplastics.

I hear you thinking; yes but these are the giants far away from my normal day-to-day business.

Forget it!

Did you know that Van der Valk in the meantime created Van der Valk Vitality-Hospitality.
An impressive network of new (partner based) services including digital health monitoring and support, build on their foundation of restaurants.

And have you ever heard of healthtap? A ‘start-up’ company with more that 104.000 medical partners with the ambition to create world’s most trusted online health company.

One thing is sure. The number and speed of new initiatives in your market will increase in the coming years. The theme is no longer Big eat Small but Fast eat Slow.

You need to develop a key capability called digital business agility.

This form of agility is fundamental in allowing organizations to respond to the high paced and unpredictable characteristic of digital disruption.

To transform your company to an agile company you should understand that transformation is fundamentally about change, and organizational change is the foundation of digital business transformation.

Organizational change, related to people, processes, strategies, structures, and competitive dynamics, is where most of the challenges and opportunities reside.

Organizational change requires a clear recognition of the need to transform, an understanding of what must be transformed and a roadmap of how to make the required changes.

Enough to think about. Of course we are happy to guide you and your company to make this transformation journey successful.

Taco Schallenberg

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