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Acorel Document Service: Recent features and improvements

Wilco Menge, 27 oktober 2021

In the past we have blogged a few times about the Acorel Document Service, a solution that allows you to easily create nice looking documents in SAP Cloud for Customer. In this blog, I would like to higlight some newer features and fixes that we have released. Thanks go to colleagues Arjan Nieuwenhuizen and John Lee in developing a lot of those features.

Acorel has developed a solution for creating and managing documents easier and with more features than what is available with the Out of the box solutions from SAP:

You can use this solution to create nice looking Fact Sheets, Visit Reports, Survey Reports etc. As more and more customers use our solution we have decided to deliver some new features.

Sharepoint Integration

Up until recently, the Acorel Document Service stores documents into SAP Cloud for Customer. While this is a very logical place, it has some drawbacks:

You now have the option to store documents into your (Cloud based) Sharepoint environment: After a document is being generated, it is stored into a designated folder in your Sharepoint environment. A url to this document is then stored in SAP Cloud for Customer:



You still have the same advantages of the original solution: The document is instantly available in SAP Cloud for Customer and can be opened with a single click.

However, the added benefits of the Sharepoint integration are:

Support for images

Images that are stored in SAP Cloud for Customer can be used in your templates. This makes it easy to for example add photos from a service ticket (Eg. a product complaint) to a PDF, helping the service representative understand the issue.

Hosted in EU Datacenter for GDPR compliance

We now host the Acorel Document Service in an EU data center. Even though any data that appears on a document is never stored on our infrastructure, the data still passes through it. By hosting in an EU Data Center we allow our European customers to be GDPR compliant.

Minor features

Allowing placeholders in document name

Generated documents have a filename that is defined in the Acorel Document Service. You can now use placeholders in the filename:

"Ticket ${productName} - ${date}.pdf"

will be saved as:

"Ticket Vacuum Cleaner Turbo - 27-october-2021.pdf"


Coming up soon:

Admin Panel: Better login experience

Key users modify templates in the Admin Panel of the Acorel Document Service. Up until now, the login experience was a bit basic and there was no way of logging out (only quitting your browser). In the next iteration, you can expect a better login experience and the possibility to log out.

schermafbeelding 2021 10 26 om 14.36.22
Login screen

Do you want to know more about the Acorel Document Service or want to discuss a new feature or bug? Please let us know!

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