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Telephony Integration with SAP Service Cloud

Daan Schattenberg, 20 april 2022

During my previous project I ran into some challenges with the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) functionality within SAP Service Cloud. In several blogs, I would like to explain the possibilities and limitations of this functionality. In this first blog I will discuss the Live Activity Center.

For the background information regarding the CTI functionality, I would like to refer to a blog of my colleague Bianca Koene.

Live Activity Center

With the Live Activity Center the system identifies the customer and searches for the related business objects such as tickets, products, and more. It’s also possible to create notes for the phone call activities and the possibility to execute follow-up actions like creating a ticket or customer.
Based on the telephone number, which is stored in the customer record, the system automatically determines the customer account and displays limited customer information (Owner, City, Country, Changed date and Main contact).

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Live Activity limitations

Unfortunately, the live activity screen cannot be further (standard) adjusted to show, for example, the full address of the customer or the ID of the customer. During my project the service agents were unable to make the right decision, especially when multiple customers are shown in the Live Activity Center.

PDI Solution

To help the service agent make the right decision, they need some additional information, like full customer address, customer ID, the customer service agent employee and the role type. To add this information, we have enhanced the live activity screen via Partner Development Infrastructure (PDI) developments.

A custom screen (Embedded Component) is created and linked to the Object Work List (OWL): BYD_COD/ServiceOnDemand/CTI /LiveActivity/LiveActivityInteraction_OWL.OWL.uicomponent via the standard outport: PublicOutportOnClickSearchResult

In this custom Business Object (BO) logic it is defined within the custom action GetBPData, to retrieve all the required information. This action is triggered when the embedded component is called (and its import is triggered).

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In this way, the service agent can make the right decision to help the customer efficiently. If you are having questions regarding the Live Activity Center functionality or you would like some help with the PDI, always feel free to contacts us. We are always willing to help!

In my next blog I will talk about the possibilities with the Widget Integration (with MS Teams) supplied by the third-party communication system – Anywhere365.

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