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How to improve testing with multiple sessions

Freek Schellekens, 24 augustus 2022

It is a common issue for consultants: You need to test a certain process, that requires access to multiple accounts. Spending a lot of time on switching between different accounts, using a secondary browser, or using incognito mode. Tiresome, time consuming and your workspace gets more unclear by the minute. In this blog I would like to share a tool, that will help you with arranging your workplace, but above all make testing easier and fun! I am talking about SessionBox.


SessionBox is a Chrome extension that I’ve been using for a while now. It has helped me a lot with improving my workflow. Also, it has prevented me from a lot of frustration. This extension enables you to open multiple sessions in the same environment. Very useful when you want to open your personal Facebook account and simultaneously want to check the Facebook account of your cat. But you can also use it for purposeful meanings; for example, testing a process in C4C.


You can download SessionBox easily from the Chrome Web Store. Once you’ve downloaded the extension, Make sure to pin the extension, as this will make the extension more accessible. It is ready for use. Go to the website you want to visit – In this case obviously C4C. Click the SessionBox Icon and choose to open a new session. You can either choose to open a temporary (1) session or a permanent (2) session. The last one will be remembered next time you open your browser. Super easy when you are going to spend testing for a longer period.

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Once you’ve selected one of those options a new session will open with a pop-up that enables you to provide session of more details. This will help you to distinguish different sessions during testing.

Repeat this action multiple times and give each session another name and see the magic happen. You are provided with several tabs in the same browser. Each of which allow you to log in to another test user. Sessions can be renamed or removed once you no longer need them.

SessionBox comes as a free extension, but if you wish to use more functionalities, you’ll need to pay. With the free version you can open up to 5 sessions, which happens to be sufficient for most activities. The paid version enables you for example to open more sessions, open sessions in bulk and share sessions. But I’ll leave it up to you, to discover any other functionalities.

Go ahead, download the extension and get going with testing. Hopefully this tool is going to be a great experience throughout testing.

Freek Schellekens

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