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Customer Data Cloud tailor your screens

Daan Schattenberg, 12 juli 2023

In my following blogs I want to inform you about my Customer Data Cloud (CDC) experiences. CDC is a cloud-based customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that enables businesses to manage their customer identities and access across multiple channels and devices. To capture customer data, CDC provides profile registration, log-in and other flows, all out of the box. These standard flows are handled via the so-called screen-sets (user-facing). With CDC there are pre-delivered screen-sets flow scenario’s available, such as Lite Registration flow, Log-in flow, Forgot password flow, etc.

In this blog, I will focus on a Lite Registration screen-set to explain the possibilities with the customizing of such screen.

UI Builder

These screens can be customized in the UI Builder of CDC. Via this UI Builder you can easily change the screens to the needs of the customer.

This web-based tool includes:

UI Builder


The possibilities with JavaScripting surprised me to get that little extra out of the customizing of the screen. For example, using JavaScript, you can:

You can open the JavaScript editor in the UI Builder and add your custom JavaScript within the event handlers of the screen-sets. There are a various of events that are triggered in the screen-sets, such as:

Please select one subscription

In the following example I wanted to trigger an error message when no subscriptions are selected. To achieve this, we have added custom JavaScript within the event onBeforeValidation:

UI Builder Javascript

This results in the following error:

Screen error CDC


The UI Builder is a powerful tool for customizing the UI screens to the customer needs. Besides you can easily drag and drop fields such as text boxes, checkboxes and different kinds of widgets to the screens, you’re also able to add your own custom JavaScript logic to handle certain screen events. The combination of both and the fact you can use CSS styling, the screens can be tailored to the business needs of the customer.

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