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Release 2308 of SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Marco Meijs, 09 augustus 2023

Release 2308 of SAP Sales and Service Cloud

As the summer is here and many people are enjoying their well-deserved holidays SAP continues its efforts to add new functionalities to the SAP Sales and Service Cloud. This means that in august a new version is coming, and we would like to share some of the highlights.

Let’s start with the obvious and that is the release schedule:





Minimum character count

This newly introduced functionality can be very handy. For fields that are mandatory you can now set the minimum amount of characters before you can save the object. In the adaptation mode you can set the amount.

char count



Machine Learning

The pre-processing of tickets has been improved to better detect the languages for machine translations. This can be done by implementing a BAdI in the Cloud Applications Studio SDK.


OData Framework

A change has been made in the security session handling. This change will not be released in the 2308 release to give you time to test the changes.

The change is intended to improve the performance by optimizing the session handling




Lead: Option to automatically set the End date for a Lead when the status is set to Converted or Declined.

Opportunity: Additional approvers have been added to the multi step approval process.

Visits: Tasks and Surveys list in facet Visit Execution will auto refresh in case of updates from quick view or detailed view of task and survey.

Call Lists: Add call list participants from existing customers with account ‘role’ as a search criteria to refine the participant list.

Groupware Integration

Private recurring meetings

Private recurring meetings can now also be synched between outlook and Cloud for Customer


Additional enhancements and round-offs

  1. Appointments can now be searched from the sidebar, like previously opportunities, contacts etc;
  2. Pinned object that are collapsed, will now stay collapsed (and not expand magically);
  3. Appointments can now be pinned like other objects.


Product Extension field availability

Until now it was not possible to have extension fields that were created on products available in the tickets. This has now been fixed by SAP so the data can be added on header and item level.

Notifications on Internal notes

You can now send workflow notifications when somebody updates the internal memo field in a ticket.

E-mail channels

You can disable the automatic ticket creation for an e-mail channel.

Agent Desktop Add-On

In the Agent desktop add-on some new improvements have been introduced. We will list them below:

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