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The 10 most inspiring SAP CX webinars

Joost Goudriaan, 18 oktober 2023

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According to this website a blog with the number 10 in the title gets more views. So, I thought let’s try it out 😉 And in all fairness I couldn’t have used another number, because this blog post is all about the ‘Inspired in 90 Minutes’ webinars that I have been organizing since 2020. To be more exact, since the first Corona lockdown here in the Netherlands.

It seems already ages ago, but I think every organization at that time wondered ‘how do we connect with our customers, while we are not able to visit anyone?’ At least we at Acorel did!

The first thing we did was put together a group of colleagues and ask them to come up with ideas, discuss them, present the pros and cons and what it would take to realize them.

As Acorel is known in the SAP CX space as an organization that is especially very knowledgeable on the various applications of the SAP Customer Experience Suite, I wanted to do something with that; ‘how can we share that knowledge with our customers with the opportunity to interact with each other, but without actually being together at a psychical location?’

Long story, short…the ‘Inspired in 90 Minutes’ webinar series was born. And next week Thursday we will be organizing our 10th anniversary edition, whoop whoop!!

Because we recorded every one of these webinars, I proudly share with you the 10 most inspiring SAP CX webinars out here (ok, ok, I might be a bit biased…)

Two important notes, before clicking away:

  1. Except for the one on SAP BTP, they are all in Dutch.
  2. You need to fill in a small form to receive the recordings.

Number 1 – Our first ‘Inspired in 90 Minutes’ webinar was of course a special one. We never did this before, so it took some time to figure out how we would set-up a webinar, create the content, design a ‘brand logo’ and make sure that we would not exceed the 90 minutes (because when you are passionate about something you tend to talk about it for ages 😉) The topic was quite easy to pick, it had to be about SAP Cloud for Customer. You can find the recording here.

Number 2 – After the first one, a big success by the way, the decision was quickly made to organize a second one (and as we know now even a third, fourth etc.) We created a playbook or script with all the steps and activities we needed to execute at the first one which made it must easier to organize this second webinar super efficiently. For the topic we just looked at our portfolio, the requests from our clients and also important, what our colleagues wanted to talk about. With that said, the second ‘Inspired in 90 Minutes’ webinar was all about SAP Commerce Cloud. You can find the recording here.

Number 3 – We were in a flow now and we didn’t want to stop, also because of the great feedback we got from all the attendees of the previous webinars. But now we had an oiled machine to set-up the webinar, invite the right people etc. For the topic, well with one about SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Commerce Cloud behind us we had to talk about marketing! It was the end of 2020, so there was not much known about the recent acquisition of Emarsys by SAP back then, so we did it about SAP Marketing Cloud. You can find the recording here.

Number 4 – As we are working with cloud products of SAP, we know that these are updated (functionality is added) multiple times per year. So, we could do another one about SAP Cloud for Customer and highlight some of these cool new functions and features. You can find the recording here.

Number 5 – We now had done 4 webinars, and they were all focused on one particular solution of the SAP Customer Experience Suite. But as we all know, a customer journey is never linear and a customer ‘touches’ multiple departments thus applications in that journey. So, we thought that it would be a cool idea to host a webinar on the SAP CX Suite itself and the relationship between the applications. You can find the recording here.

Number 6 – At the time of the SAP Marketing Cloud webinar (3) not much was known about Emarsys, but at the time we were planning number 6 we had gained a lot of knowledge, insights, and experience with the software solution Emarsys acquired by SAP. Reason enough to inspire our customers on this great marketing automation tool. You can find the recording here.

Number 7 – Maintaining and distributing customer data has become a challenge for a lot of organizations. Especially when these organizations also need to comply with all the privacy regulations. Where to start, what are the do’s and don’ts and how can software help in this journey? All very relevant questions and we tried to answer them all in our 7th edition of the ‘Inspired in 90 Minutes’ webinar about SAP Customer Data Cloud and SAP Customer Data Platform. You can find the recording here.

Number 8 – It was already 6 webinars ago that we inspired the audience about SAP Commerce Cloud. Say what?! Our thought exactly and that is why, not surprisingly, the 8th ‘Inspired in 90 Minutes’ webinar was about the latest and greatest of SAP Commerce Cloud. You can find the recording here.

Number 9 – In 2021 Acorel acquired Proxcellence NL and with that acquisition we suddenly had some great expertise about SAP BTP and SAP Integration in-house. As we also wanted to showcase this knowledge to our relations, the 9th ‘Inspired in 90 Minutes’ webinar was all about the SAP Business Technology Platform. You can find the recording here. This one is in English by the way 😉.

Number 10 – I hear you thinking ‘Hey these are 9 webinars, you promised me 10!’ Well, you got me there… the 10th one is planned in exact 8 days of today. On Thursday October 26th the anniversary edition of the ‘Inspired in 90 Minutes’ webinar series is there. We are going to discuss the version 2 of SAP Cloud for Customer (or SAP Sales & Service Cloud) and have some great demo’s prepared for you. If you want to join this one, please fill out the following form on our website.

It has been a great ride, and I am really proud to see that what started off as a creative idea to inspire people about our passion (Customer Experience) during the Covid lockdown has evolved into a recurring webinar series that a lot of our customers really enjoy!

That said I would also like to take the time to thank all the presenters and special guests that were crucial to the success of these webinars, and all of the people that helped with organizing. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Joost Goudriaan

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