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Another autumn, another release of the SAP Sales and Service Cloud. This blog will highlight the changes that this new release will bring. This time the release period will be three weeks. The Test systems are upgraded to 2311 on the 28th of October and the Production systems on the 18th of November.

As you may know SAP is working hard on building a new cloud CRM system called SAP Sales Cloud V2. With the 2311 release SAP delivers the first step in transition tooling from V1 to V2: The Readiness Check tool.

Read further for more details on the release.


Readiness Check Tool

SAP delivers an assessment tool to support Professional Services, Implementation Partners, and Customers’ IT to estimate the effort and duration of transition. This enables customers to leverage the full potential of V2 by providing feature parity and innovation details with guides and best practices.

readyness check tool


Within Visit Management it is possible to have multiple visit types, to distinguish different processes. For each visit type, it was already possible to register different recommended duration and schedules. With the new release SAP Sales Cloud will now additionally match the visit type along with the sales area maintained within the account visit details while creating a follow-up visit.

visi typet

Dynamic Visit Planning

SAP offers a couple of payed add-ons for the SAP Sales Cloud solution. Nice to know is that these add-ons will be part of the standard V2 solution. For the dynamic visit planning add-on SAP now offers the option to show the distance travelled between each account (including start and end location) in optimized planned visit list along with the total distance travelled for the day.

dyn visit planning

Intelligent Sales Add-On

Within the guided selling solution the Kanban view offers sales reps a different view of the opportunity pipeline. For companies using multiple sales cycles SAP now delivers a selector to have a sales cycle specific Kanban board. Personally I really like the guided selling solution, and I am looking forward to seeing it in action in V1 or V2.

guided selling


For customers that are using the timeline function within tickets to communicate to customers SAP now offers the ability to set an email priority (High, Normal, Low). Within the list view of the timeline a column is added to show this priority.


This concludes the highlights of the 2311 release. If you have any question on the new release of SAP Cloud for Sales or SAP Cloud for Service please feel free to contact us via

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