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Partnership with Contentful and Sinch: Acorel Takes a Strategic Step Towards Composable CX

Partnership with Contentful and Sinch: Acorel Takes a Strategic Step Towards Composable CX within the SAP CX Portfolio

In a strategic move towards composability and to meet the growing demands of our customers within the SAP Customer Experience portfolio, Acorel, a leading SAP Customer Experience partner, has announced its partnership with Contentful and Sinch. This collaboration aims to enhance Acorel’s capabilities in the realm of Customer Experience solutions.

Acorel has been a trusted partner in providing SAP Customer Experience solutions, assisting clients with a wide range of offerings from this portfolio. With SAP’s Composable CX Strategy gaining momentum and customer preferences shifting towards integrated solutions within the SAP CX ecosystem, Acorel is now aligning its path towards composability as well.

The two key platforms that Acorel is enthusiastically embracing are Contentful and Sinch. Contentful is a renowned Content Management System (CMS) that complements Acorel’s existing services, adding agility and flexibility to their CX offerings. By integrating Contentful, Acorel aims to streamline content management processes, enabling their clients to deliver consistent and engaging experiences across multiple channels.

On the other hand, Sinch provides robust omnichannel customer contact capabilities, which will enable Acorel’s customers to enhance their interactions with end-users through various channels seamlessly. This addition to Acorel’s service portfolio will foster stronger customer relationships and elevate the overall customer experience.

“Our partnership with Contentful and Sinch is a strategic step towards embracing composability and offering our customers the best-in-class solutions within the SAP CX landscape,” said Maurice Rootjes, Manager Portfolio & Innovation at Acorel. “We are thrilled to leverage the potential of these platforms to deliver even greater value to our clients and help them stay ahead in their customer experience initiatives.”

The partnership with Contentful and Sinch is poised to reinforce Acorel’s position as a prominent player in the SAP Customer Experience space, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions tailored to their unique business needs. With composability at the forefront of their strategy, Acorel is committed to empowering businesses to create exceptional customer experiences, driving growth, and achieving long-term success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.