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Vencomatic Group keeps a grip on CRM with Managed Services from Acorel

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We believe in successful projects and even more in successful customers. The implementation of SAP software must take place within the lead time, scope and budget. But does this also mean that your organisation will automatically be more successful?

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The success of an SAP Customer Experience implementation will be clear only after the Go-live moment. That is why we think it is important to continue supporting organisations, also after your Go-live.

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“There was a good understanding with Acorel's consultants, and it became clear to us that we could get off to a head start with them.”

Vencomatic opts for SAP CRM and Acorel

Vencomatic Group from Eersel chose a new CRM system and Acorel as implementation partner. And after a successful implementation, the company continued the collaboration with Acorel in the form of a support agreement: Managed Services. This service assures the Vencomatic Group of a reliable, fast and effective handling of issues and changes. “Our CRM system now continues to develop further!”, says the CIO of the Brabant-based company.

In 1983 Cor van de Ven came up with a revolutionary automated solution for collecting eggs for a poultry farm. And that’s how Vencomatic (later Vencomatic Group) was born. The company from Eersel has since grown into an expert in the field of poultry farming. In addition to smart solutions for egg collection, they now also provide climate solutions, packaging systems and expert advice for poultry managers. With over 350 employees, the Vencomatic Group is active in more than 70 countries.

To better support the sales department with quotation management, complaint registration and marketing, the Vencomatic Group needed a new CRM solution. The choice for SAP CX was quickly made, because Vencomatic was already working satisfactorily with SAP ERP. The seamless integration between CRM and SAP’s ERP was an important argument in this regard.

“Acorel understood our organization and our wishes well. No unnecessary fuss. Just do what has been agreed.”

A pragmatic implementation partner

When the choice for the CRM system was made, Vencomatic started looking for a suitable implementation partner. The company invited several parties to present a plan. After careful consideration, Acorel was selected. “Acorel’s presentation was very specific,” says Koen Boot, CIO of the Vencomatic Group. “It was practical and pragmatic, and they immediately came up with a well-prepared plan, while we got the idea from the other parties that the plan would have to be drawn up gradually. There was also a good understanding with Acorel’s consultants, and it became clear to us that we could get off to a head start with them.”

It turned out to be a good judgement of the company based in Eersel, because the implementation went smoothly. “They understand our organization and our wishes well. The people of Acorel are very clear. No unnecessary fuss, just do what has been agreed. And that fits in perfectly with our company culture,” says Boot.

The ideal follow-up to an implementation: Acorel Managed Services

After the implementation, the Vencomatic Group and Acorel decided to continue the partnership in the form of a support agreement: Acorel Managed Services. Joost Goudriaan, Account Manager at Acorel is happy about this. “The success of a CRM implementation is only really achieved after the implementation. That is why we at Acorel think it so important to continue to support our customers during that period.”

With this service, Vencomatic has assured itself of a fast handling of issues and changes. “Managed Services from Acorel is a logical continuation of the pleasant cooperation during the implementation,” says Boot. “We now have access to an online service desk – the support portal – which is very handy. If we report an issue, it is followed up immediately. We have a regular monthly meeting where we discuss current matters. And outside that meeting there is contact when needed”.

Short lines and a fixed point of contact

At Vencomatic they experience Acorel as involved and easily approachable. Not only via the online service desk, but also by telephone and e-mail. The fixed point of contact for Vencomatic is Emiel Truijen, Managed Services Manager at Acorel. About the collaboration with Vencomatic he says: “The team spirit is always leading. And because we work together so smoothly, we always arrive at the most suitable solution. That is exactly how Managed Services is meant to be!” Boot: “Emiel now knows our organization well and therefore understands our questions very quickly. Even in the evenings we sometimes exchange e-mails to review or finalize something. That shows commitment. He also regularly contacts us to ask how things are going. I think that’s important, as a customer you feel that you are taken seriously and are being appreciated.”