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The transformation to a service-oriented organization at Signify


Provide your customers with personal service during the entire customer journey and always keep your promises.

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We believe in successful projects and even more in successful customers. The implementation of SAP software must take place within the lead time, scope and budget. But does this also mean that your organisation will automatically be more successful?

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“With SAP Service Cloud, we have transformed into a service-oriented organization. We have gained insight into complaints and questions worldwide, resulting in much improved customer service.”

Helping customer better and more efficiently

Signify is the global market leader in conventional, LED and connected lighting. They produce energy-efficient lighting products, systems, and services. This makes people’s lives safer and more comfortable; helps companies to work more efficiently and productively and is the liveability of cities improved. Signify has approximately 39,000 employees and they operate in more than 70 countries. To help customers with questions more efficiently, they got the help of Acorel.

A trustworthy solution

Bart-Hendrik Huisman, Head of Customer Satisfaction at Signify: “Due to the rapidly changing customer demands, we were faced with a challenge. In the past, people would contact us if they had a broken lamp. Today they want to be informed about improving the functionality of their system. To meet the expectations of our customers, we looked for a reliable solution to provide better customer service.”

SAP EMEA Gold Quality Award

Acorel helped Signify deploy SAP Service Cloud in 60 countries in 18 months. This rapid implementation has been awarded the SAP EMEA Gold Quality Award by SAP. Huisman is extremely proud of this award and sees it as recognition for the entire project team: ‘Together with Acorel and SAP, we worked incredibly fast. When we started to see the benefits of this tool within Signify, we accelerated the rollout and rolled out the tool even further than was initially planned.”

Transformation to a service-oriented organization

The result of this implementation at Signify is that customers now receive faster answers to all their questions. Huisman: “SAP Service Cloud enables us to transform into the service-oriented organization we want to be. We now have global insight into customer complaints and questions. Also, the costs and speed of handling these customer service requests are visible to us. With this crucial data we can improve our customer service, products, and services.”