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How to integrate Business & IT for successful service digitalisation?

28 september 2021

How to integrate Business & IT for successful service digitalisation?

Webinar featuring Acorel, Noventum Service Management, Weir Minerals and Distrimex.

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of developing their service organization as a strategic differentiator. They want to capitalize on their service business opportunities. IT often plays a crucial role in achieving service objectives. Purchasing and implementing an IT solution is part of the development process, but companies should also pay attention to organizational change.

How do you ensure that you get the maximum result from a digital service transformation?

In this webinar, we want to discuss this topic from two different perspectives, business and IT; and look at actual trends and developments in the service market. We also want to provide answers to the questions below, and the lessons learned:

  • What do service-oriented companies often see as business opportunities? What do their customers demand? What are their biggest challenges?
  • How do you guide a service transformation? How can you engage both employees and customers to support such a change?
  • What is the role and impact of IT? How can you benefit from IT solutions? What are the best practices in the service management area?

Noventum’s Annick Perry will explain how she experiences digital service transformations from her own perspective. Jaap van Maren of Weir Minerals, a Noventum customer, will share the insights his organisation has acquired in the service transformation process. He will also talk about the challenges that arise in changing a service organization from a business point of view.

SAP expert Gert-Jan Stolmeijer will share his experience within the service area. Gert-Jan’s customer Distrimex, represented by Nick Schuurman, will highlight several service-related market trends that have impacted Distrimex’s business model and elaborate on the crucial role that IT plays.

We would like to invite you to our 1-hour webinar on September 28th at 11 AM. It promises to be an interesting talk that will examine the subject matter from several perspectives. Questions will be permitted, and various polls will also be conducted during the session.

nick schuurman

Nick Schuurman [Distrimex]

I have a background in software, industrial automation, agricultural mechanization, and leadership. Within Distrimex, I focus on providing partnerships for sustainable pump solutions, striving for maximum customer satisfaction and continuity and a strong focus on creating, developing and retaining an engaged team of employees.


Jaap van Maren [Weir Minerals]

I work as Regional Service Development Manager at Weir Minerals and I help my customers with our Performance and Reliability Service Options.

annick perry

Annick Perry [Noventum]

At Noventum, I help manufactures to identify and realise the potential of the service business. We do this by using a proven digital service transformation roadmap and best practices to accelerate the growth of a service business in a profitable way.

gert jan stolmeijer

Gert-Jan Stolmeijer [Acorel]

At Acorel, I am guiding companies to translate their strategic and operational service goals into IT possibilities within the SAP Customer Experience portfolio and make the most benefit out of this.


Opportunities and challenges for service organizations


How to guide and capitalize on service transformation?


What is the role and impact of IT within service?

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