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‘Inspired in 90 minutes’ no. 9

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP, also known as the SAP Business Technology Platform, has become an indispensable part of SAP’s product portfolio. However, we often receive questions from our customers such as “what exactly is it?” or “what problem does it solve for me?”

We understand why these questions are raised, as the platform offers such a wide range of possibilities that it can sometimes be challenging to grasp the core concept.

In the 9th edition of our “Inspired in 90 minutes” webinar series, taking place on Thursday, July 6th, we will strive to delve deeper into the core aspects. Additionally, we will explain why “healthy data flows” are crucial for every business process and how you can monitor these data flows effortlessly using our in-house developed Acorel Monitoring Toolkit.

So do not hesitate to register for this inspiring webinar on the 6th of July. This webinar is the ninth out of the CX Expert webinar series of Acorel.

Get inspired in just 90 minutes!

Enter your details in the form and receive the recording from our webinar about SAP BTP on July 6th. In this webinar we discussed how ‘healthy data flows’ are crucial for every business process and how you can monitor those data flows in a very easy way with our Acorel Monitoring Toolkit, developed in-house, by means of beautiful examples and clear explanations from practice.


You can expect these topics during our webinar.

‘Inspired in 90 minutes’ series

This is the ninth webinar in our ‘Inspired in 90 minutes’ series from Acorel, in which we inform and inspire organisations with the possibilities of the SAP Customer Experience platform.

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Joost Goudriaan is account manager at Acorel. He will be happy to answer your questions.

You can reach him by phone on 06 – 1461 6771 or by e-mail

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